Emptoris Contract Management Project

UC Health has just kicked off a project to implement the Emptoris Contract Management Module. Emptoris Contract Management covers all stages of the contract lifecycle from creation, execution and discovery through renewals, renegotiation, performance monitoring and analysis. We will transform UC Health’s contract management processes to create stronger contracts, gain cross-site contract visibility and optimize legal and contracting resources. This project will create an easily-accessible, centralized repository for all UC Health sites’ contracts, providing visibility into which contracts are currently in place, leveraging contracts and buying power across the five UC Health sites, and reducing off-contract spending. Emptoris Contract Management tool will help UC Health to shift its focus from reactive, transactional purchases to proactive, value-based procurement actions.

The Emptoris Contract Management tool will provide standardized templates and clauses and a wizard front end to simplify and standardize contract authoring and the contract approval process. Generating renewal quotes automatically prior to contract expiration in order to maintain services, supplies, and revenues will increase efficiency across UC Health procurement. The Emptoris Contract reporting capability allows procurement to quickly create reports for fast and simple reporting on contract events and milestones. Fully configurable and robust search capabilities provide visibility across the repository enabling quick access to information held within contracts. The Emptoris Contract Management tool will help UC Health to reduce costs and cycle times by efficiently managing the entire contract management lifecycle.

For more information, please contact Julie Faughnan via email at

UCOP Templates and Contract Terms and Conditions

UC Health Contract Templates and approved clauses are currently being created by our UC Health procurement attorney. Until they are available, the UCOP Templates and Terms and Conditions may be helpful when creating contracts:

Searching for Contracts in the UC Contract Repository

While the UC Health Emptoris Contract Repository is being built, UCOP contract repository is currently available. To get access and basic instructions for use:

UCOP Contract Repository:

UC Fair Wage / Fair Work Plan and PPACA Resources

These resources are to help guide Procurement Professionals on the applications and processes related to Fair Wage/ Fair Work and PPACA: