Legislation Impacting UC

For 2013-2014 - UC-Sponsored

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UC Position

AB 1838 (Bonilla)
Makes a pathway in licensure for accelerated medical education programs; UC co-sponsor with Medical Board of California. (UC CO-SPONSOR)
Staff: Angela Gilliard

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AB 1989 (Chesbro)
Allows a qualified student in winemaking (enology) and brewery science programs to taste an alcoholic beverage, and exempts the student and qualified academic institution the student is enrolled in from criminal prosecution. (UC NAMED) (UC SPONSOR)
Staff: Jason Murphy

From printer. May be heard in committee March 23.


AB 2726 (Daly)
Amends competitive bidding procedures for the sale of UC Real Property to: require public notice only when property being sold is valued over $1M; authorize UC to consider bidder's qualifications as well as terms in bid/proposal selection; and authorize UC to reject all bids/proposals and exempt additional property, i.e. foreclosures, from these requirements.
Staff: Jason Murphy

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SB 502 (Block)
Informal Bid Limit: Raises the dollar threshold for the cost of a project to $640K; requires UC, with respect to projects that do not require the application of all competitive bidding provisions, to establish a procedure to qualify and rate a bidder for work to be awarded when the cost of the project exceeds $300K but does not exceed $640K.
Staff: Jason Murphy

Set, first hearing. Hearing canceled at the request of author.


SB 1210 (Lara)
Establishes the California DREAM Loan Program to provide a loan to UC and CSU students who qualify for a nonresident tuition exemption under AB 540 but lack access to federal student loans. Requires campuses to contribute its discretionary funds into its' DREAM revolving fund so that the contribution 50% of all funds in its ' DREAM revolving fund at the start of each academic year before the loans are awarded for that academic year. Requires UC/CSU annual reports to the Legislature, as part of their respective annual financial aid reports, as well as annual reports of total funding in its' DREAM revolving fund, contribution amounts, and administrative costs
Staff: Nadia Leal-Carrillo

From printer. May be acted upon on or after March 23.


SB 1330 (Hueso)
State Yellow Ribbon Program for Non-Resident Veterans: Establishes the California Yellow Ribbon Matching Fund to pay a portion of UC, CSU, and CCC enrolled students' nonresident tuition. (UC SPONSOR)
Staff: Nadia Leal-Carrillo

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