Professional Medical & Hospital Liability

The Professional Medical & Hospital Liability (PL) program within the Office of Risk Services is responsible for loss prevention, management of medical & dental malpractice claims and lawsuits that occur at university healthcare facilities. This includes student health, counseling and psychological service centers, veterinary services and/or lawsuits that involve university healthcare practitioners, including university physicians, dentists, residents, fellows, nurses and other healthcare employees for acts and omissions allegedly arising out of the course and scope of university employment.

The PL program also provides for the legal representation of healthcare employees for licensing board investigations under certain circumstances. The Human Subject Injury Program provides oversight and funding of claims involving medical care and treatment for certain injuries sustained by research subjects.

The Office of Risk Services contracts with a third party administrator, Sedgwick CMS, for the day to day management of the above programs.

The PL program supports loss prevention and patient safety initiatives through funding initiatives and providing premium rebates to the medical centers, schools of medicine, student health and counseling centers.  Click here for more information about the Loss Prevention Grant Program.

The PL department also responded to a need for system wide benchmarking of our data by creating a centralized data warehouse; bringing together multiple data streams from all of our campuses for system wide analysis.  Click here to be redirected to the Risk Services Data Management System (RDMS).

For information on how to obtain verification of university coverage and/or claims history requests please click here.

See related resources for information on the activities supported by the program.

For information on who and what is covered please see the FAQs for the Professional Medical & Hospital Liability Program.