General liability

The university's General Liability Self Insurance Program covers university employees for certain liability claims which arise out of university operations. Protection ranges from coverage for accidents like slips and falls, destruction of property, to other accidents causing injury or damage to others or property of others. This is a self-insured program funded by each campus and medical center. The Office of Risk Services, Office of the President, manages the funding and administration of the Program through the use of a Third Party Claims Administrator.

Claims administration

Sedgwick CMS - UC GL
P.O. Box 14534
Lexington, KY 40512-4534
Fax: 925-988-1185

Report a claim: (800) 416-4029, option 1
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Campus and medical center risk management

Each campus and medical center has a designated risk manager and supporting staff responsible for overseeing their internal processes including:

  • Reporting accidents causing injury or damage to others
  • Claims management coordination with Sedgwick
  • Training and education related to loss prevention


Coverage applies to all university departments and auxiliary enterprises, officers, agents and employees (including bona fide volunteers). Protection is further extended to students enrolled in a formal training program which is limited to the School of Medicine and School of Veterinary Medicine while performing in the course and scope of their studies.

The intent of this program is to provide protection for mistakes made by campus employees resulting in personal or bodily injury, or property damage to third parties. Those "mistakes" are referred to as "negligence" in the law.

Anytime a charge of negligence is made against the university, this program will respond by investigating the charges, and defend the department or individual alleged to have committed the negligent act. Costs of the claim or lawsuit are funded by the program. All claims are investigated thoroughly by a third-party administrator, hired by the university, to provide an objective review of the circumstances leading up to the claim.

Major exclusions

  • Claims which arise from the ownership or use of an aircraft. The university maintains a separate aircraft liability insurance policy which provides this protection.
  • Claims arising from any water craft which:
    • Exceeds 30 feet in length and
    • if the claim is for something which took place away from university owned or controlled premises.
  • Under bodily injury, any obligations the university would be responsible for under its workers' compensation program. For instance, if a university employee were to slip and fall while on the job, the individual's injuries would be covered under the university's workers' compensation program.