The UCOP Contracts & Grants team provides guidance and assistance to UCOP units in the administration of extramural awards, subcontracting, and internal research funding.


Contract & Grant Administration Information

UCOP Contract & Grant Administration Handbook

Guide for UC Office of the President Departments in Administration of Extramural and Internal Proposals/Awards and Subawards.

UCOP F&A Rates

UCOP-administered contracts and grants should use an appropriate indirect cost rate from the Federally-negotiated Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rate agreement or a UC Rate, including special rates for State of California agreements.

UCOP's F&A Rate Agreement Link | UC Rates Link

Organizational Information

Commonly needed information needed for contracts and grants administered at UCOP.

Deposit of funds for UCOP extramural contacts and grants

Guidelines on how to deposit extramural funds for contracts and grants administered at UCOP.

UCOP C&G Team Members

Contracts & Grants Team

RPAC contacts for UCOP-based staff applying for extramural support