Working with the European Union

Horizon 2020 is the seven-year European Union R&D program that funds most EU-funded research at UC, the largest American university recipient of European Union (EU) sponsored research. Currently, most EU-funded projects arrive at UC indirectly, through multparlty agreements managed at European-based research universities and institutions.

The European Commission is the executive EU institution that administers the Horizon 2020 program.

Pre-award management

When negotiating EU agreements, UC negotiators will be required to provide Legal Entity Appointment Representative (LEAR) and Participant Identification Code (PIC) information. The ten UC campuses share one LEAR and one PIC.

  • UC's LEAR is Andrew Boulter.  
  • UC's PIC is 999467340.

The European Commission has requested that UC maintain one LEAR and one PIC. Please do not request a LEAR and PIC for your campus.

Financial management

The EC requires that financial reports be reviewed and submitted electronically by a designated financial signatory in the European Commission Participant Portal with a FSIGN account. 

You will usually be prompted to obtain an account and submit a Form C in the Participant Portal by the European-based partner that awarded a project to UC. Once you have your FSIGN account, that partner will need to affiliate your FSIGN account with the specific project that requires a Form C submission.

Contact Michael Kusiak at if you need an FSIGN account.