2023 Awards

The University of California is pleased to announce the results of the 2023 UC Laboratory Fees Research Program competition.


Eight UC students were selected from among a highly competitive pool of applicants as recipients of In-Residence Graduate Fellowships. These Fellows will have the unique opportunity to conduct research and receive training at a national laboratory.

  • Isabel Arias Ponce, UC Santa Barbara (Lawrence Livermore)
    Project Title: Functional multimaterial hydrogels via dual-wavelength projection microstereolithography
  • Alemayehu Bogale, UC San Diego (Los Alamos)
    Project Title: Laser-Based X-ray Radiographic Imaging for High Energy Density Science and Applications
  • Angela Encerrado, UC Davis (Lawrence Livermore)
    Project Title: Strengthening global food security by tracing pesticide mixture effects on honey bee health
  • Christopher Gonzalez, UC Irvine (Lawrence Livermore)
    Project Title: Tunable 2D conducting oxide epsilon-near-zero and metasurfaces for high power laser applications
  • William Jones, UC San Diego (Lawrence Livermore)
    Project Title: Molecular Simulation to Enable Novel Target Generalization of Structure-Based Deep Learning Models
  • David Khatami, UC Berkeley (Lawrence Livermore)
    Project Title: Supernova Shockwaves: Searching for Observational Clues on How Stars Die
  • Sabrina Mierswa, UC Davis (Lawrence Livermore)
    Project Title: Tissue engineering of a biological periosteum using granular microgels
  • William Rosenberg, UC Davis (Lawrence Livermore)
    Project Title: Ultra High Temperature Material Synthesis and Degradation Mechanisms in Hypersonic Flight