Public commitment. It's what the University of California delivers each and every day via dedication to an idea: teach for California, research for the world.

President Napolitano has launched a series of initiatives meant to reinforce this mission and the university's commitment to honoring its historic social contract. 

Many Presidential Initiatives have deep ties to research — drawing on experts and ideas from through the UC system to forge new opportunities and partnerships that can maximize UC's world-class research to improve the quality of life for people in California and in the world. RGS works with leaders and stakeholders at the Office of the President, UC campuses, state and federal agencies and other partner institutions to communicate, coordinate and enhance the success of the President's Initiatives where they touch or rely upon UC research.

Explore Research Dimensions of the Presidential Initiatives:

Update on Research Dimensions - Jan 2016 PDF

Read the latest updates on Presidential Initiatives which touch on research, and how they are coordinating across efforts to enhance UC's impact.

UC Summit on Carbon and Climate Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality Initiative

UC researchers gathered in San Diego with President Napolitano, Governor Brown and other climate leaders, where UC's actionable blueprint for addressing climate change was unveiled.

Report: Bending the Curve - Ten Scalable Solutions

Carbon Neutrality Initiative

UC climate experts announced 10 scalable solutions for moving the world towards carbon neutrality. A full report will be available in Spring 2016. Read details on the solutions now.

2015 Catalyst Award Winners Announced

President's Research Catalyst Awards

President Napolitano announced the inaugural recipients of the award, with almost $3.1 million going to five projects designed to stimulate UC research in areas that could benefit California and the world.

2015 Water-Energy Nexus Conference

Carbon Neutrality Initiative

A joint UC-DOE workshop brought researchers together with utility providers, state and federal agencies, and non-profit organizations to develop recommendations to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in both water and electricity use.

2015 UC-HBCU Summer Internship Program

UC-HBCU Initiative

Eighty-five HBCU undergraduates are doing research on eight UC campuses this summer, in fields ranging from poverty and English lit to neuroscience and engineering.