UC research combines the spirit of innovation and discovery with world-class experts, cutting-edge facilities, and a deep commitment to the public good.

Most research at UC is driven by investigators at our campuses or affiliated labs. A handful of programs and initiatives engage UC research at a systemwide level. These efforts bring together experts and leaders from across UC and California to work on challenges and opportunities that benefit from a state-wide approach or perspective. From innovative programs and collaborations to policies and issues that affect research at all academic institutions, UC puts public research to work for California and the world.

Learn more about UC Systemwide Research Programs and Initiatives:

News and Highlights

UC Research Newsroom

Read the latest news and articles on exciting research from UC campuses, and how these discoveries are improving the lives of people in California and the world.

Presidential Initiatives: Research Dimensions

UC Office of the President

President Napolitano has launched a series of initiatives to reinforce UC's public commitment. Many have deep ties to research, drawing on experts and resources throughout the UC system.

State-sponsored and Systemwide Research

UC Office of the President

UC provides oversight, management and support for state-sponsored and systemwide research programs that foster innovative research on topics important to science and society.

Administration, Policy and Program Review

UC Office of the President

UC conducts periodic reviews of systemwide research programs, and works with campuses on systemwide policies and issues that affect research at all UC campuses.

Explore Data on Research and Innovation

UC Information Center

Explore the UC story through data on Research and Innovation. Learn about UC's contributions to California and see UC inventions at a glance.

Collective Excellence PDF

The University of California research enterprise is committed to the pursuit of both individual excellence by its scholars and collective excellence at the level of academic units, campuses, and UC system. Collective excellence is often expressed as "making the whole more than the sum of its parts."