Examples of UC RFQs/RFPs

These RFQs and RFPs issued by the university cover a range of projects and approaches. While any single RFQ/RFP may not necessarily exhibit all of the keys to success noted in the RFQ/RFP principles to success, these RFQs and RFPs may be a useful source for ideas and language.

For those RFQs and RFPs listed in the table for which electronic copies are available, links to these documents are provided.

Category Project title Project description Source Date due (RFQ/RFP)

Child Care

Child Care Center – Management Contract

Miami University of Oxford, Ohio invites proposals from qualified organizations to establish and provide Child Care Services at a University facility.  The proposed Child Care Center will service Miami University faculty, staff, students and possibly community members.


July 2, 2000 – RFP

Food Service

Lakeview Dining Common, Coffee Café, Library Café and Convenience Store

Food Service Operations-UC Merced is seeking a vendor to provide food services for students, faculty, staff and visitors as part of its overall plan to open the Merced campus in late summer of 2004.  The campus will provide a dining commons and a secondary location for food services in the Library/Student Services Building.  The vendor is expected to build out the dining commons.  A significant part of the service will be providing “board” plans for residential students.

UC Merced

April 11, 2002 – RFP


Hotel & Conference Center University Relations Office Building

The RFP seeks preliminary proposals from qualified developers or development teams to plan, design, finance, construct and operate: (1) a hotel of approximately 100 guest rooms; expandable to 250 as market dictates; (2) a health/fitness center; (3) a retail center of approx. 12,000-15,000 sq ft; and (4) an office bldg of approx. 50,000 sq ft. The project would be sited at the UCDMC.


January 29, 1997 – RFP


Arboretum Inn & Conference Center

The RFP seeks to enter into a long-term unsubordinated Ground Lease with a development team that will plan, design, finance, market and operate a hotel/conference center and construct and manage on a build-to-suit basis a 60,000sq ft. office building to be leased and occupied by the Regents.


October 25, 1999 – RFQ



The RFP seeks preliminary proposals for approximately 315,000 rsf of office space for UCOP to purchase or lease following expiration of its current lease.  The University’s goal is to obtain space to meet UCOP’s minimum office requirements at the lowest long-term occupancy cost.  Respondents may choose to make a proposal to accommodate UCOP in a single location, propose two locations, or limit their proposal to only on portion of UCOP’s space need.


August 28, 1995- RFP


Bldg 49 (RFQ) (RFP)

(Formerly 50X)

The RFQ seeks qualification proposals from parties (“Developers”) interested in financing, designing, building, owning, and managing a new office building (‘Office Building”) of approximately 60,000 gsf to accommodate up to 200 employees.


January 10, 2002 – RFQAugust 9, 2002 – RFP


Campus Drive & Berkeley Ave, Irvine

The RFQ seeks to enter into a ground lease agreement with a development team (the “Developer”) who will plan, design, finance, construct, and manage a Class A office building containing approximately 70,000 gsf on the Irvine campus.  The proposed building and associated improvements (collectively the “Project”) will be the first phase of a complex that will eventually consist of three office/academic buildings.  The project and associated parking will be located at the intersection of Campus Drive and Berkeley Avenue.


July 2, 1987 – RFQ

Research Park

South Enterprise Campus (RFQ) (RFP)

The RFQ seeks a Development team to master plan, design, finance, develop, own and manage a 27-acre research park including both infrastructure and buildings.

UC Davis

2001 – RFQ

October 18, 2001 – RFP

Student Housing

Primero Grove

The RFP seeks proposals from parties interested in developing, owning and managing a student-occupied rental housing apartment complex on the UC Davis campus.  The project will provide apartments for approximately 300 single UC Davis students.

UC Davis

October 20, 1996. – RFP

Student Housing

UC San Diego North Campus Apartments

The UC San Diego campus is requesting expression of interest and qualification from firms interested in designing, financing, construction, developing, owning, and managing a rental housing apartment complex. The University will retain ownership of the Project Site and make it available to the selected proposer (“Developer”) under a Ground Lease arrangement.  The Ground Lease for the Project Site will be for a term of not more than 25-40 years.

UC San Diego

March 24, 2002 – RFQ

Student Housing

UC Irvine East Campus Student Apartments

The RFQ/RFP seeks proposals from parties interested in developing, owning and managing a student-occupied rental housing apartment complex on the UC Irvine Campus.  The developer will be required to construct both ion and off site infrastructure including all necessary utilities, roads, storm water runoff and environmental mitigation.

UC Irvine

December 5, 2002 – RFQ/RFP

Student Housing

Albany Village

The RFQ seeks proposals from development teams interested in Ground Leasing 26 acres of University property as part of the 77 acre University Village property. The lease would detain the development team’s responsibilities to design, finance, develop, and operate the approved development.

UC Berkeley

December 2001 – RFQ

Student Housing

Faculty and Staff Campus Housing Neighborhood Project

California Polytechnic State University is requesting RFQ from firms interested in developing a faculty-staff housing project to be built on two separate sites located on the campus. The project will be comprised of rental and for sale faculty-staff housing and supporting neighborhood improvements.   The scope of the services includes design, approval processing, infrastructure and unit construction, marketing/sales, customer service and property management.

Outside – Cal Polytechnic State University

June 8, 2001 – RFQ

Student Housing

Sand Point Housing Redevelopment

The University of Washington seeks proposals from non-profit entities for the redevelopment, financing and operation of student housing at Sand Point. Redevelopment includes the demolition and construction of student apartments on property known as Sand Point Homes and currently occupied by 200 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment units.  Redevelopment also includes demolition of two single-family houses on property adjacent to Sand Point Homes and construction of student apartments on the land.

Outside – University of Washington

February 13, 2000 RFP

Faculty Housing

Aggie Village

The RFP seeks proposals from development teams to plan, design, finance, construct and market approximately 54 residential units on University land.

UC Davis

January 6, 1996 – RFP

Faculty Housing

Inclusion Area D Faculty Housing

The RFP seeks proposals for the development and management of Faculty Housing Project developing a high-density residential neighborhood of approximately 95 single-family homes and apartments for faculty.  The homes will be sold to faculty homeowners.  The developer will retain the apartments.  In addition to the newly constructed apartments, the developer will manage 50 units of existing faculty and staff rental housing.

UC Santa Cruz

February 1, 2002 – RFQ

June 14, 2002 – RFP


Construction Management Services for Film & Television Archive

The University seeks RFQ for Construction Management Services for the new Film & Television Archive Facilities. The Archive currently housed in leased quarters in Hollywood, and includes nitrate film vaults; motion picture restoration workrooms and printing laboratories; and administrative offices.  The new facility is expected to be approximately 120,000 gsf, of which 26,000 sf will be state-of-the-art, technically advanced film vaults.  The construction quality must meet University standards, and durability must exceed conventional construction.  The construction value is in the $30-$38 million range.

UC Los Angeles

August 18, 2001 – RFQ


March Air Force Base Infrastructure Inventory/Analysis Program

March Joint Powers Authority is soliciting RFQ/RFP for Infrastructure Inventory and Analysis to provide professional services to field locate and electronically map, identify and evaluate existing infrastructures/utilities an develop proposed capital improvements necessary to support reuse and development at former March Air Force Base properties.

Outside – March Joint Powers

January 2000 – RFQ/RFP


March Air Force Base Realignment

March Joint Powers Authority is soliciting Master Developer Qualifications for Realignment of the Air Force Base.

Outside – March Joint Powers Redevelopment Agency

January 2000 – RFQ