UC Contract Repository Access Request

Access to Contract Repository requires a login and password. Contact your Procurement Department Contact below to obtain the campus User Name and Password. Then proceed to the Contract Repository login screen to sign in.

NOTE: To access an attachment on a contract within the repository, you may be prompted to enter the ID and password again.

UCB bearbuyadmin@berkeley.edu
UCD http://purchasing.ucdavis.edu/ucagreements/
UCI purchasing@uci.edu
UCLA ContractDirector@finance.ucla.edu
UCM procurement@ucmerced.edu
UCR purchasing@ucr.edu
UCSB purchasing@bfs.ucsb.edu
UCSC buy4me@ucsc.edu
UCSD https://bfsupport.ucsd.edu/
UCSF bearbuy@ucsf.edu
UCOP Contracts@ucprocure.zendesk.com