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General Information

Legal and Policy Resources

Document Title Date Format
Amendment to Agreement - FW/FW v12.11.17 DOC
Amendment to Agreement - PPACA & FW/FW v12.11.17 DOC
Amendment to Agreement - Prevailing Wage & FW/FW v12.11.17 DOC
Request - FW/FW Policy Exception v12.11.17 DOC
Request - FW/FW After-the-Fact Policy Exception v12.11.17 DOC
Supplier Verification Reminder 1st Notice Template v10.8.19 DOC
Supplier Verification Overdue 2nd Notice Template v10.8.19 DOC
Notice of FW/FW Policy - for supplier to post v4.26.16 PDF

Supplier Verification Resources*

*These are for staff reference only - please refer Suppliers to FW/FW Supplier Resources

Document Title Date Format
Annual Verification Form* v1.15.19 PDF
Professional Services Exemption Form v11.18.19 DOC
Annual Verification - Standards & Procedures v1.15.19 PDF
Supplier Annual Verification Process v9.27.18 PDF
Annual Verification Audit Firm List - Small & Diverse Firms v7.25.19 PDF

*Please note: this document is a fillable PDF with an electronic signature box that will only display in certain browsers or if downloaded and opened in Adobe Acrobat. This document can also be printed as a regular form and filled in by hand.