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Each year, just over 300 University of California procurement professionals partner with fellow administrators, faculty and students to purchase over $8 billion in goods and services in support of our institution’s missions of teaching, research and public service. While the procurement team’s mission begins with meeting the needs of our clients, we also strive to deepen our relationships and expertise to serve as a high performing strategic partner. We aim to expand opportunities for the University by leveraging the power of our collective spend and lowering total cost of ownership, redirecting resultant savings to support of the University’s core missions.

Join me in recognizing our clients and team members who model the way every day with their spirit of service, collaboration, and strategic problem solving to deliver great results and value.

On behalf of all of our team members, we thank you for your engagement  and partnership and look forward to our continued success.

William M. “Bill” Cooper
Associate Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

Issue #15 (December 2018)

  • UC Berkeley:  Capital Campaign
  • UC Davis:  P-Card for Payment of Repairs & Services
  • UC Davis:  APO Limit Increase
  • UC Davis:  Printer Exchange Program
  • UC Riverside:  Cold Beverage Pouring Rights
  • UC Riverside:  eBuy Initiative
  • UC Riverside:  UC Asset Protections Program
  • UC San Diego:  Enterprise Financial Information System Replacement
  • UC San Diego:  Paving the Way to Sustainable Solutions
  • UC Santa Cruz:  TV Programming Services
  • UC Systemwide:  IT Infrastructure
  • UC Systemwide:  Facilities Asset Inventory & Condition Assessment Services
  • UC Systemwide:  Maintenance Repair Operations

Issue #14 (June 2018)

  • UC Systemwide Bank Card Services
  • Broker/Insurance and Risk Management Services
  • California Million Lamp Challenge
  • UC San Diego Spin Partnership
  • UC San Diego Markets Pre-packaged Sushi
  • UC San Diego RIMAC Seating and Media Board
  • UC Santa Barbara Computer Cluster
  • UC Santa Barbara Environmentally Preferable Dining Disposables
  • UC Santa Barbara Energy-efficient Printer Upgrades

Issue #13 (December 2017)

  • UC Davis Custom P-Card Program for Dining Services
  • UC Santa Cruz Washer and Dryer Services
  • UC Systemwide Building Management Systems (BMS) Parts and Services
  • UC Santa Barbara Athletic Apparel
  • UC San Diego Next Gen Electronic Research Admin System: Kuali Research
  • UC Davis Administrative Computer Standards
  • UC Santa Barbara Bit Error Rate Test (BERT) System
  • UC Santa Barbara Campus Pool Chemicals
  • UC Berkeley Golden Bear Orientation
  • UC Santa Barbara Bren School – CLiCC Website
  • UC San Francisco Gift Cards

Issue #12 (May 2017)

  • UC Systemwide Privacy Breach Response Services
  • UC Systemwide Bluefin Agreement
  • UC San Diego Firewall Hardware RFQ
  • UC Irvine All-Electric Bus Fleet
  • UC Systemwide Chemical Hazardous Waste Disposal Services
  • UC Systemwide ServiceNow Renegotiations
  • UC Health Agfa Enterprise Imaging Agreement
  • UC Health Dell/NTT Colocation Renegotiations
  • UC San Francisco Qlikview Technologies Enterprise License Agreement
  • UC San Francisco Hewlett Packard Office 365 Migration Services
  • UC San Francisco/ Berkeley Small Business Day Near the Bay

Issue #11 (December 2016)

  • UC Systemwide Laundry Services, Uniform  Rental and Direct Sale Merchandise
  • UC SHIP Dental and Vision Benefits
  • UC Santa Barbara Liquid Nitrogen Bulk Tanks
  • UC San Diego Cisco Discount
  • UC Santa Barbara Dining Services - Specialized  Dairy Supply
  • Lick Observatory Wildfire Hazard Mitigation  Project
  • UC Santa Barbara Dining Services - Coffee  Supply

Issue #10 (September 2016)

  • UC Health Document Management Services
  • Medical and Pharmacy Employee Health Benefits
  • UC Systemwide Liquid Gases
  • Zoom Video Communications
  • Supply Chain 500
  • UCLA David Geffen Hall
  • UCSD Time Warner Cable Agreement
  • UCR Computer Servier Components
  • UCR Drone Flight Training

Issue #9 (June 2016)

  • UCI Student Information System
  • UCSF Inbound Freight Program
  • UCSD Research Vessel Dry-Docking
  • UC Systemwide Energy Efficient ULT Freezer Program
  • UCB Service Awards
  • UCSB Pest Management
  • UCSB Saving Honey Bees, One Hive at a Time
  • UCSB Cryofree Dilution Refrigerator
  • UCSB Brand Identity Platform & Website

Issue #8 (March 2016)

  • UCSB Multi-Site Solar PV Power
  • UCSF Elevators
  • UCSD Customizes the Procurement Card
  • UC Systemwide Helium Deal
  • UCSB Ucen Dining- Grocery Supply Contract
  • UCLA Relocation of Film and TV Archive
  • UCLA Fact-Based Negotiations with McKesson
  • UCSF Sterilizers
  • UCB V-Belt Program
  • UCSB Ti Sapphire Mode-Locked Laser

Issue #7 (October 2015)

  • UCB Sungevity Partnership
  • UC Dairy Collaboration
  • UCSD Pricing Analysis
  • UCSD Cisco Discount
  • UC Travel Car Rental Renewal
  • UCR 605 Hitachi 8TB Hard Disc Drives
  • UCR Cryostat Machine

Issue #6 (August 2015)

  • UCSD MyPayments
  • UCSD track&ship
  • UCM Solar Energy Panels
  • UCM Next Generation Network
  • UCI Upgrading Irrigation Systems
  • UCB Flower Sales
  • UCSB Davidson Library Collection Move
  • UCSB Materials Research Lab
  • UCI Police Department Interceptor Vehicles
  • UCP Southwest Airline Contract

Issue #5 (April 2015)

  • Fisher First for UC
  • UCSF Facilities Filters 
  • UCI Anesthesiology Billing Services 
  • UCSD Juniper Firewall  
  • Payment Card Efficiencies 
  • UCSD Triton Shared Computer Cluster  
  • Commercial Truck Rental Agreement 

Issue #4 (Feb 2015)

  • IBM Software Negotiated Amendment               
  • Supercomputer Purchase Financing           
  • Supercomputer Storage                
  • Prime Vendor                   
  • Campuswide Printer Replacement       
  • ReadyTalk Negotiated Amendment            
  • Sales Tax Reduction                
  • CPSM Bootcamp   

Issue # 3 (Nov 2014)

  • UC Pension Administration System
  • Systemwide Janitorial Supplies Distribution Services
  • Systemwide Internet 2 Box Agreement
  • UCSD Customer Relationship Management Tool
  • Small Business Return On Investment (ROI) Dashboard
  • UCSB Pouring Rights Contract
  • UCSB Waste Disposal Services Contract
  • UCSB Laundry Services
  • UCSB Solid State Lighting: Lab Substrates
  • UCSB Bulk Vehicle Supply
  • UCM Leverages Cooperative Pricing for Emergency Purchase
  • UCD Growing with Sustainable Energy

Issue # 2 (Jul 2014)

  • Expedited Mail and Small Ground Freight
  • Northern California Produce Distribution
  • ServiceNow Negotiated Amendment
  • Mainframe Software Negotiated Agreement
  • Student Laundry & Equipment Services Agreement
  • California Reading & Literature Project Services Agreement
  • Threat Assessment Consulting Services
  • UC Merced Chiller Rentals
  • UCSF/B IT Procurement Center of Excellence
  • Faculty and Student Collaboration and Partnership
  • UC Genomic Sequencing Consortium
  • Leveraging Technology Innovations to Capture Benefit
  • Procurement Partnerships in Non-Traditional Categories

Issue # 1 (Feb 2014)

  • Ethyl Alcohol Supply and Distribution
  • Maintenance Repair & Operations Vendor Consolidation
  • Mass Spectrometer Urgent Purchase Order
  • Software & Hardware Purchase Agreement
  • Solar Turbines Extended Service Agreement
  • Southern California Produce Distribution
  • Telemedicine Classroom Suites Development
  • Third-Party Software Reseller Agreement