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SPMO Update

Strategy and Program Management Office leadership evaluates requests for our services against our mission, our capability areas, and prioritization criteria.

In response to growing demand, the SPMO is developing an intake process for our services. The intake process will provide further transparency on how the SPMO determines initiatives to engage in and will facilitate collaboration to set scope, roles, and expectations. The intake assessment will also include an electronic intake form and consultation expected to be rolled out summer 2022. In the interim, please continue to contact Julian Ryu ( for requests.


I. Six Capability Areas

II. Prioritization Criteria




1. Strategic Planning

We lead planning efforts that produce specific achievable results aligned with the University's strategic objectives and priorities.

UCOP Strategic Framework (linked)
Division Strategic Plans and Renewals
Presidential Priorities

2. Strategy Development and Implementation

We build and execute a course of action for senior leaders to address pressing business or policy challenges.

Community Safety
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Transformation
Global Food Initiative Transition to CFO Division
UC Health Affiliations

3. Organizational and Operating Model Reviews

We conduct organizational reviews and recommend operating models and designs that enable the University to meet its goals.

Financial Accounting Org Review
Systemwide HR Transformation
UC Health Org Review
Huron UCOP Assessment

Process and Change

4. Operations and Process Optimization

We develop and implement improvements that streamline processes resulting in greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Presidential Initiatives
President's Executive Office/Executive Reporting
Vaccine Compliance / Religious Objection Process Advisory Group
UCOP Return to Work Parking
Major Projects & Initiative Process Transition
Article 5 Compliance (Contracting-Out)
Future of Work / Return to Onsite Operations

5. Systemwide Program Management and Governance

We support and advise cross-functional systemwide teams on meeting objectives of high impact, strategic initiatives.

Campus Strategy Reports
Residence Requirements
Mitigating COVID-19 Impacts on Faculty
Admissions Audit
Non-Discriminatory Policy
Anti-Racism Task Force Initiative
Carbon Neutrality Initiative
Global Food Initiative
Research Data Backup
Health Benefits
IP Legal Assessment
Systemwide Litigation Fund
2020 General Obligation Bond Legislation Management

6. Change Management

We guide teams to plan and manage transitions to new ways of working.

Procurement Excellence
Event Management System Implementation



Aligns with SPMO mission and offerings Strategic goal/priority to President and EPAG Systemwide impact Multiple OP divisions involved and impacted Single OP division involved with impact to multiple divisions SPMO development area for future high impact projects
Priority X 1 2 3 4 5


Other Considerations

  • Contingent on current and forecasted SPMO team member availability
  • Project selection will use this priority structure; projects must follow at least one or more of these criteria to be eligible
  • When demand exceeds supply, decisions will be based on degree or size of each of the criterion
  • Assessing each criterion is based on available information in consultation with prospective client and UC Operations leadership. A formal intake process will be rolled out in summer 2022.