Legislative Reports

2022-23 Legislative Reports
Date Report title


2022-23 (EDU 92493 - 92496, 2020) Capital Expenditures (pdf)

09/01/22 14th Amended List of Proposed Energy (SEP) Projects (pdf)
09/30/22 2022 University of California Budget (pdf)

Expenditures for Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction and Research Activities (pdf)

Publicly Available Information 2022 Submission (pdf)

11/01/22 2022 UCPath (pdf)
11/01/22 Instruction and Research Space Summary & Analysis (pdf)
11/30/22 Admission and Enrollment of Students in LCFF High schools (pdf)
11/30/22 2022 Multi-year Compact - Progress Reporting (pdf)
11/30/22 Five Year Capital Outlay Plan for State Funds (Capital Financial Plan) (pdf)
12/01/22 Project Savings Funded from Capital Outlay Bond Funds (pdf)
12/01/22 Streamlined Capital Projects Funded from Capital (pdf)
12/31/22 Bulletpoints Project Firearm Violence Research Center, UCD (pdf)
12/31/22 Firearm Violence Research Center, UCD (pdf)
01/01/23 Annual General Obligation Bonds Accountability (pdf)
01/01/23 2022 Small Business Utilization Legislative Report (pdf)
01/01/23 Psychiatry GME (pdf)
01/10/23 Summer Enrollment (pdf)
01/15/23 Contracting Out for Services at Newly Developed Facilities (pdf)
01/31/23 Nonresident Undergraduate Enrollment (pdf)
02/01/23 Capital Expenditures Progress Report (EDU 92493 - 92496, 2020) (pdf)
02/01/23 Statewide Energy Projects (SEP) - Progress (pdf)
02/01/23 Basic Needs (pdf)
02/01/23 Rapid Rehousing (pdf)
03/01/23 Programs in Medical Education (PRIME)
03/01/23 Housing Insecurity
03/01/23 Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) (pdf)
03/15/23 Performance Outcome Measures (pdf)
03/31/23 Annual Report on Student Financial Support (pdf)
03/31/23 Animal Shelter Assistance Program(pdf)
04/01/23 UC Riverside School of Medicine (pdf)
04/01/23 Unique Statewide Pupil Identifier (pdf)
04/01/23 Systemwide and Presidential Programs and Initiatives (pdf)
2021-22 Receipt and Use of Lottery Funds (pdf)
Preferential Treatment in Admissions (pdf)
Higher Education Student Housing and Capacity Expansion Grant Programs (pdf)
UC Merced and UC Riverside Funding (pdf)
Data on Nonresident Student Admission (pdf)
Draft Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) and Draft LRDP Environmental Impact Report (EIR) (pdf)
UC Degree and Certificate Completion Program Release of Funds (pdf)
Future Reports 2023-24 Legislative Session