Legislative reports


Date Report title
09/01/08   SAPEP Expenditure Plan (pdf)
10/01/08   Higher Education Compact Performance Measures (pdf)
10/15/08   Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan (pdf)
11/01/08   Savings from Projects funded from General Obligation Bonds Funds (pdf)
11/01/08   Instruction and Research Space Summary & Analysis (pdf)
12/01/08   Streamlined Capital Projects Funded from Capital Outlay Bond Funds (pdf)
12/01/08   Lottery Funds (pdf)
12/31/08   Breast Cancer Research Program (pdf)
12/31/08   Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (pdf)
01/01/09   Annual General Obligation Bonds Accountability (pdf)
01/10/09   2008-09 Funding for Enrollment Growth and Compensation Increases (One-time) (pdf)
01/10/09   Institutional Financial Aid Programs (preliminary report; do not submit) (pdf)
01/15/09   Year-round Operations in Instruction (Summer Term Enrollment) (pdf)
01/15/09   Contracting Out (pdf)
02/01/09   Science and Mathematics Teacher Initiative (pdf)
03/01/09   UC Compensation Policies & Practices (pdf)
03/01/09   Mitigation of Off-campus Impacts (pdf)
03/15/09   Entry Level Writing Requirement, Subject A (pdf)
03/15/09   PRIME Program (pdf)
03/15/09   2008-09 Academic Year Enrollment Goals (pdf)
03/30/09   Institutional Financial Aid, Final Report (pdf)
04/01/09   SAPEP Funds and Outcomes (pdf)
05/01/09   Nursing Programs (pdf)
11/01/10   Utilization of Classroom and Teaching Laboratories, Final Report; biennial (pdf)
11/15/09   Energy Partnership Program