Office of the Ombuds

UCOP is providing an Ombuds Office for employees to resolve workplace conflict in a safe and confidential space.

The Ombuds Office provides confidential, impartial, and informal conflict resolution and problem-solving services for all UCOP employees. The Ombuds Office is a safe place to voice and clarify concerns, understand conflict situations, and find effective ways to respond. Ombuds services include:

  • Conflict analysis
  • Strategies to resolve and prevent disputes
  • Identification of options and information
  • Effective communication coaching
  • Mediation
  • Group facilitation
  • Resource referrals

When you don’t know where to go, the Ombuds Office is a good place to start. The Ombudsperson helps empower employees to overcome disputes, conflicts and barriers that stand in the way of reaching their full potential. With the help of the UCOP Ombuds, you decide how best to navigate your workplace disturbance. The Ombuds office is off-the-record and strictly voluntary service.

The Ombuds Office abides by the International Ombudsman Association Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics to ensure confidentiality.

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