UCOP Mentorship Program

The UCOP Mentorship Program is a volunteer program that pairs experienced leaders and professionals across departments at the Office of the President with career, represented and contract staff who seek to develop themselves professionally.

The program provides a supportive structure in which participants can cultivate contacts, explore challenges and enhance effectiveness as they design their personal growth and career paths at the Office of the President. The program also provides the opportunity to gather information, develop peer support, learn more about management and better understand the organizational culture of the Office of the President.

Who can become a Mentee?

The program is open for all Office of the President staff members (career, contract or represented) from all classifications, who have worked at UCOP for at least 6 months. Please note, priority will be given to those who have not previously participated as a mentee.

Who can become a Mentor?

A mentor is an experienced UCOP leader or staff with at least six months of UC service and is interested in helping others with professional and career development. Previous mentees are welcome to participate as mentors.

Key Program Dates

Applications are complete for the 2019 program. Check back in the fall to apply for the 2020 cohort! 

The program officially begins in January, 2019 and lasts until December, 2019. Please click on the link above for the full year long calendar. Key dates for the application process are:

  1. Informational brown bag sessions (12-1pm) will be held:
    1. September 25, 20th Street, Room 411
    2. September 27 and October 3, Franklin, Room 5320
    3. October 2nd, Kaiser, Room 512
    4. Virtual sessions for UC Path and UCDC TBD
  2. Mentor notice of interest due October 10 to Anne Prozan via email (anne.prozan@ucop.edu)
  3. Mentee applications are due October 16.
  4. Program acceptance notices will be sent by October 23

For questions and additional information, contact Annie Prozan, UCOP Learning and Development, at 510-987-0057 or annie.prozan@ucop.edu.