Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program

The UCOP Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program permits temporary salary and benefit continuation for a staff employee who accrues vacation and who has exhausted all paid leave credits as a result of a catastrophic illness or injury of an employee or family member, death of a family member, casualty loss suffered due to terrorist attack, fire or natural disaster.

The program allows employees to donate vacation leave to co-workers who do not have sufficient accumulated leave to cover a verifiable, major crisis and to provide salary continuation during the waiting period for university and employee paid disability benefits.

  • While the program establishes a mechanism for leave transfers, participation is entirely voluntary. 
  • Donations are anonymous (management will not identify the donor, however, the donor may choose to self-identify).

The program is open to all departments within the UCOP. For complete details, please see UCOP Procedures - Catastrophic Leave Sharing (PPSM Supplement C) (pdf).

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