Innovation and Impact Awards 2012

Innovation and Impact Awards are given to employees and/or teams of employees in recognition of exemplary service to UCOP. Award winners were recognized at an OP-wide ceremony held on Tuesday, February 26, 2013. Awards were presented in three categories.

Advancing the Mission

Individual awards

  • Jenny Gautier—Critical role in envisioning and establishing a joint faculty senate/administrative committee to monitor the entire portfolio of systemwide research investments.
  • George Getgen—Provides vision and entrepreneurial leadership to develop, advocate for, and implement energy solutions to achieve climate neutrality as part of UC’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Justin Ilumin—Led implementation of first Virtual MASME conference (MESA Academy for Science Achievement and Mathematics Educators) for K-12 teachers. The transition from an in-person conference reduced cost from $100K+ to $6K.

Team awards

  • Han Mi Yoon-Wu—ApplyUC Project
  • Jane Mayer—ApplyUC Project
  • Larry Salinas—UC Regents-Students joint advocacy event May 2012
  • Betty Taylor—UC Regents-Students joint advocacy event May 2012
  • Kate Daby Horpedahl—UC Regents-Students joint advocacy event May 2012

Modeling OP Culture and Principles

  • Holly St. John—Championing diversity both within and outside the University.

Connecting with Community

Individual award

  • Brandi Schmitt—Service to OP and community through organ donor outreach programs, service in professional organizations, K9 rescue handler, and certified emergency medical responder. 

Team award

  • Onward California Team—Launch of Onward California, a public outreach and awareness campaign designed to:
    • Improve public awareness of UC's value
    • Support enhanced private fundraising
    • Stimulate enhanced public advocacy
    • Support and complement campus marketing efforts

  • Onward California Team Members: Peter King, Caitlin Callaghan, Donna Hemmila, Alfred White, Steve Montiel, Brooke Converse, Shelly Meron, Dianne Klein, Katherine Edwards, Katherine Edwards, Katherine Edwards, Andy Evangelista, Alec Rosenberg, Corey Mahoney, Elizabeth Hull, Terri Hunter-Davis, Harry Mok, Erin Greenfield, Yem Ling Fong, Tracy Fitzgerald, Lily Wang, Paul Schwartz, Anne Wolf, Patti Meagher, Katherine Tam, Vanessa Correa, Adam Mangum, Natasha Foote, Kirill Mazin, Jess Wheelock, Zak Long, Jason Huang, Ethan Davis, Jose Pantoja, Larissa Branin, Matt Glass.