Reasons for non-selection

Listed below are some examples of reasons for non-selection of applicants and interviewees for vacant positions. List all reasons that apply; specific job-related reasons for non-selection should be included. Reasons for selection of your candidate of choice should also be documented in detail.


  • Application/resume does not meet all posted requirements.
  • Applicant lacks required level of skill/experience with _____.
  • Interviewees have more/stronger experience or skill in _____.
  • Interviewees have more directly related _____ experience/skill.


  • Lacks directly related education/training.
  • Lacks required level of education/training.
  • Education not as directly related to posted requirements as interviewees' education.


  • Interview showed inconsistency with application/resume information.
  • Interview showed lack of required level of communication skills.
  • Interview showed lack of sufficient, directly related knowledge/experience with ____.
  • Interview showed lack of understanding of the scope of the position's duties.
  • Selected candidate has more directly related experience/skill in _____.
  • Selected candidate has more/stronger _____ experience/skill.


Requirement Applicant Status Reason for Non Selection
Detailed experience in the development of lease programs including lease negotiation, leasehold asset evaluation, and transaction analysis. Not Qualified Applicant does not meet all posted requirements.
Oral, written, and presentation skills to communicate clearly and logically during interactions; Interviewed, Not Selected Interview showed lack of required level of communication skills.
Project management and organizational skills to plan and independently execute projects/tasks within specific and sudden deadlines, and successfully assess, balance, and prioritize numerous competing concerns. Minimum qualifications, not interviewed Project management skills and experience are not as strong as interviewees' skills and experience.
Strong interpersonal skills to interact effectively with senior institutional managers, third-parties, landlords, tenants, and real estate property owners. Interviewed, Not Selected Interview showed lack of required level of interpersonal skills.
Strong computer skills in a PC environment; proficiency with MS Office Suite; ability to create and manipulate complex spreadsheets, databases, and modeling applications. Interviewed, Not Selected Selected candidate has more experience with spreadsheets and modeling applications.