California Institutes for Science & Innovation

These institutes, established on UC campuses, are comprehensive basic research centers concentrating on complex scientific challenges that demand multidisciplinary strategies and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Partnerships with industry help move early-stage research developments into the commercial R&D pipeline for more rapid delivery of public benefits to the marketplace.

All four of the institutes are structured in ways that will speed up business growth in the state. UC researchers work collaboratively with hundreds of the state's leading-edge businesses during the discovery process so that the time it takes to develop and deliver new products and technologies to the marketplace can be reduced. The institutes also serve as a training ground for the next generation of scientists and business leaders because industry partners and student research assistants work side-by-side leading researchers.

  • Center for Information Technology Research in the Interests of Society (CITRIS)
    CITRIS is headquartered at UCB with partnerships and collaborations to researchers at UCSC, UCD, UCM and over 60 corporations. It creates information technology solutions for pressing social, environmental and healthcare problems. Research at CITRIS focuses on four core initiatives: Energy, Health Care, Intelligent Infrastructure, and Data and Democracy.
  • California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI)
    CNSI at UCLA and UCSB seeks technological breakthroughs by understanding of how to manipulate, control and manufacture at the nanometer scale. Control of material at this scale allows for compact, complex and multifunctional systems at the macro-scale that can dramatically improve present-day communications, computation, medical therapies and environmental remediation.
  • California Institute for Telecom and Information Technology (Calit2)
    Calit2 at UCSD and UCI focuses its research on Enabling Technologies (Wireless, Photonics, Cyber infrastructure, Nanotechnology/MEMS) to realizes the goals of its socially relevant Application Thrusts (Culture, Energy, Environment, Health).
  • California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3)
    QB3 at UCB, UCSF, UCSC and UCD covers the “quantitative biosciences,” meeting challenges in molecular biology using the techniques of physics, chemistry, and computer sciences. This enables UC to convert life science research into solutions for better health, a sustainable environment, and a dynamic economy. QB3 has built a matrix of support for entrepreneurs that includes a renowned incubator network and a venture capital fund.