The Office of the Chief Investment Officer of the Regents (OCIO) is committed to making investments that can provide solutions to environmental and social issues while earning a competitive return. We recognize our position as economic agents and view investing as a powerful opportunity to build a healthier, more just and sustainable economy by putting our capital to work advancing sustainable development and scaling solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. To this end we are building strategic partnerships with the public sector, with our peers, with industry groups and with the university ecosystem to access and scale sustainable investment opportunities. For example, we have committed to allocating $1 billion over five years to climate change and sustainability solutions, a decision that was recognized by the White House as part of its Clean Energy Investment Initiative.

We are always looking to collaborate and, where possible, invest with like-minded peers. The resource innovation ecosystem will require alignment and collaboration among long-term investors in order to efficiently and effectively deploy capital into assets that would be left behind by traditional intermediaries, but hold promise for addressing environmental and social challenges at scale.

We have enhanced our evaluation tools and procedures to assist us in positioning the portfolio to be more consistent with the energy transition expected to take place in the coming decades while still accessing today’s opportunities to bring the most robust returns. In doing so, we have identified outstanding partnerships and collaborations in clean energy, including the establishment of an aligned intermediary that will accelerate and increase the flow of private, for profit capital from long-term investors into climate infrastructure transactions, such as clean energy, water infrastructure and waste-to-value. The UC OCIO was the first and largest founder and, as such, has been given the founding-Chairman role within this standalone Benefit Corporation that includes six peer long-term investors, including UC Regents. 

We are also continuing our dialogue with the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a group of like minded investors, led by Bill Gates, and focused on clean energy sustainability innovation. Through these activities, we hope to actively participate in the UC’s leadership role in climate change innovation.

To submit proposals or ideas about clean energy solutions, please feel free to contact the energy team at and they will forward to you an investment template that you may fill out.