Fall 2015 Application Tables

Information summary (pdf): a description by volume of applications, campus and more.

Table 1 (pdf): Applications by campus and level

Table 2.1 (pdf): Applications by residency and level

Table 2.2 (pdf): Freshman applications by campus and residency

Table 2.3 (pdf): Transfer applications by campus, residency and level

Table 3.1 (pdf): California resident applications by level and ethnicity

Table 3.2 (pdf): California resident freshman applications by campus and ethnicity

Table 3.3 (pdf): California Community College transfer applications by campus and ethnicity

Table 4 (pdf): Application comparison by California location

Table 5 (pdf): Academic and other Indicators Tables (preliminary data, subject to change):

  • First Generation College
  • Low Family Income
  • Low High School API

Table 6 (pdf): Notes