Report on Fall 2010 California Community College Transfer Admissions Outcomes

The University of California campuses have offered fall 2010 admission to a record 22,851 transfer students attending California Community Colleges (CCC), a 16.5 percent increase compared to the previous fall term. This outcome follows the 20.7 percent increase in applications from CCC transfer students that the university announced in January, and reflects UC’s commitment to transfer from California’s Community Colleges.

Distribution of All New Admitted California Community College Students (Table 1 (pdf)). In 2009 and again in 2010, UC sought to increase the enrollment of California Community College transfers by 500 students, or 1,000 additional transfer students over the two-year period. With the benefit of strong applicant pools in 2010, admissions offers increased at Merced (54.0 percent), Santa Cruz (26.3 percent), Davis (21.1 percent), San Diego (20.8 percent), Irvine (10.1 percent), Riverside (5.5 percent), Berkeley (4.4 percent) and Los Angeles (3.1 percent). Santa Barbara reduced its enrollment slightly (-6.5 percent) due to capacity constraints. An increased number of admissions offers gives students more enrollment options and increases the likelihood of a strong overall yield. Early reports from campuses suggest UC will enroll a record number of CCC transfer students for the fall term, thus meeting the goal established for new transfer students.

As a proportion of the admitted class, African-American, American Indian and Chicano/Latino students increased from 21.2 percent for fall 2009 to 22.7 percent for fall 2010. This represents an increase of 1,026 offers to underrepresented minority (URM) students compared to the previous fall. Admissions offers increased by 43.4 percent (73 students) to American Indian students, by 42.2 percent (263 students) to African-American students and by 20.4 percent (+690) to Chicano/Latino students. Most campuses experienced increases in URM admits, with notable increases at Merced (66.8 percent), Santa Cruz (42.6 percent) and Davis (31.2 percent).

The proportion of international students offered admission is virtually unchanged for the fall 2010 term at 9.4 percent.

New California Community College Transfers/Admissions Rates by Campus (Table 2 (pdf)). Due to the significant increase in applications for the fall 2010 term, transfer admission was more competitive on most campuses this year even though campuses generally admitted a greater number of applicants. Because students applied broadly to multiple campuses, however, the overall university-wide admit rate for California Community College applicants dropped only slightly for fall 2010 applicants (80.2 percent) compared to fall 2009 (81.8 percent). In addition to California Community College transfers, the university offered admission to 3,085 applicants from four-year institutions, bringing the total number of transfer admits to 25,936 as of June 9, 2010.