Report on Fall 2008 Freshman Intent to Register Outcomes

Note: Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) is an interim step in the overall application, admission and enrollment cycle. An admitted student submits an SIR following admission to signal his or her intent to accept the admission offer and enroll at a UC campus. Final enrollment figures for the fall term are typically available in January of the following year.

A record 38,088 California resident students have indicated their intent to enroll at the University of California for the fall 2008 term.  At 23.7 percent, underrepresented students (African American, American Indian, Chicano/Latino) increased as a proportion of the projected entering freshman class, led by increases in Chicano/Latino students (+953) and African American students (+143) compared to fall 2008. It is expected that the fall 2008 freshman class will be the largest in the University’s history. 

Table 1 (pdf) presents the complete picture of Fall 2008 California and domestic freshmen admission and anticipated enrollments. It includes data on applicants admitted in March 2008 for the fall 2008 term, as well as data on alternate admissions offers to fall 2008 applicants, including referral and winter/spring term offers. Offers to international students have been excluded from this table except for the alternate spring offers at Berkeley.

Table 2 (pdf) displays the distribution of intent to register by campus and ethnicity for California and domestic applicants. The data in this table are based on students admitted to fall 2008, including those admitted through referral. Fall 2008 applicants admitted to the spring 2009 term at UC Berkeley are not included as Berkeley admits in this data.

Table 3 (pdf) displays the yield (intent to enroll/admits) for California and domestic freshmen admitted during the fall admissions cycle. Table 3 does not include students offered admission to an alternate term.

Table 4 (pdf) displays the total anticipated enrollment (intent to enroll/admits) for freshmen admitted during the normal admission cycle, and includes International students.