Research Innovation

Goal: To create an environment that incentivizes innovation and encourages collaboration across the UC system in the endeavor to address major societal challenges.
Strategy: We will build and expand award and grant programs designed to promote and support these research innovation and entrepreneurship efforts by faculty and students.

Programs we have implemented or are in the planning phase include:

Prime UC

Offers one $150,000 award and three $50,000 awards to the best UC-affiliated startup companies with early-stage innovations related to therapeutics, consumer health, medical devices and diagnostics.

Presidential Research Catalyst Awards

Stimulates innovative research in areas of strategic importance through a competitive, multi-campus research grant.

Grad Slam

Challenges graduate students to present their research to the public in under three minutes. The winners from each of the campus competitions go up against each other to compete for a $6,000 prize and UC-wide recognition.

Precision Medicine Awards 2015

Two competitive one-time awards in Precision Medicine funded by the State to encourage faculty to integrate clinical data with genomic, environmental, socioeconomic, mobile and other patient data. The winning proposals will make it possible to diagnose infections more quickly, and conduct research into the use of tumor DNA to develop more successful cancer therapies for children.

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Initiative

A competition to encourage work that will translate UC faculty-generated ideas to early phase clinical trials and observational studies using the infrastructure of the UC Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS) in San Diego.

Award for Outstanding Faculty Leadership in Presidential Initiatives

Presidential Initiative teams have been invited to nominate faculty champions, by October 12th.