Leadership and Structure

Goal: Provide the right level of leadership for innovation, entrepreneurship and technology commercialization at UC.
Strategy: Establish the Office of Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UCOP with a Senior Vice President (SVP) reporting directly to the President.

This new position will focus outwardly on building relationships with business groups, entrepreneurs and leaders in the finance, technical and scientific worlds, as well as with the Federal and State governments to promote investment in UC research and innovation. The position will work closely with Vice Chancellors for Research, directors of business incubators and accelerators and other campus leaders to connect and further advance innovation and entrepreneurship efforts across the system. Existing resources that will be repurposed to support the SVP’s work include the Office of Innovation Alliances and Services.

Develop a culture that supports a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem across the UC.
Strategy: Implement process reforms that eliminate obstacles to innovation and entrepreneurship.

For example, the UC QuickStart program which allows any UC location, including all ten campuses and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, to streamline the initial agreement between the UC entity and a start-up company that is interested in licensing UC intellectual property as the technical foundation of its business. This is a standard pre-approved agreement that does not require UC Office of General Counsel review and approval, making it a fast and low-cost solution to setting up UC-generated start-ups. Such reforms are critical to creating a nimble and lively environment that motivates the collective entrepreneurial imagination of UC.

Strategy: Provide support and coordination across all existing incubators and accelerators.

There are now more than 25 such entities spread throughout the system. We will use lessons learned from the experiences of creating these incubators and accelerators to support further expansion at UC locations. We will also build a network among the UC incubators and accelerators and develop opportunities for collaboration.

Use clear, compelling metrics for strategic planning and communications with stakeholders at the local, State, and Federal levels, as well as within academia, business, and finance.
Strategy: Develop a common set of metrics to measure the UC’s economic impact on the State and local communities.

Through the development and use of these metrics, we will be able to communicate the economic effect of UC’s research and entrepreneurial activities.