Apply UC


applyUC is a Web-based system for preparing and submitting an application for admission to any of UC's nine undergraduate campuses. Prospective freshmen and transfer students use applyUC to submit a single application to all campuses to which they are applying. Applicants are guided through a series of pages to collect all required information. Within the application filing periods for each academic term, applicants can proceed at their own pace.

Information about filing periods and other aspects of the application process can be found at

When an application is submitted, applyUC sends the information out to campus Admissions systems.


  • Student Affairs
  • UC campus Undergraduate Admissions Offices
  • Freshman and Transfer Applicants to UC
  • High School and College Counselors


To start an application, students first create an account with their email address as their login username, choosing their own password. Online sessions are secured via SSL encryption.

Administrative users in UCOP and at the campuses have access to the system, for data maintenance and query/reporting functions.

Technical Information

applyUC is a Java application running in WebSphere / DB2 on Linux. The application code is built using Spring MVC, Hibernate, and other open source frameworks.