Larry L. Sautter Award Application - UCSF


On-line Ordering of Beds, Equipment, and Supplies

  • Submitter’s name, title, and contact information :
  • Names of project leader(s) and team members
    • Technical Project Leader:  Alfio Levy
    • Team Members:  Kevin Pattison, Traci Hoiting, Brian Herriot, Lisa Mogannam, Ivan Jakic, David Truong
  • A summary paragraph that highlights the significance of the project
    • Instead of faxing orders to the Materiel Services department, nursing units now submit orders for patient beds, equipment, and supplies via the web.  The system is heavily based on ‘cloud’ computing technology, so no IT consultants or IT project managers were used for this implementation. System maintenance costs are about $1 / day.   
  • A project description, including relevant URLs
    • Nursing management sought to improve the work environment for the nursing staff and patients.  As a result, a working team identified that ‘faxing’ bed, equipment, and supply orders to the Materiel Services department proved to be inefficient, unreliable, and provided no ‘records’ as to the ordering history.
    • A cross functional working team composed of Materiel Services staff, a Nurse, and a programmer was assembled to address the issue.
    • The team designed, developed, and tested the following application:
    • Since going live (October 25th, 2010), the application has handled almost 9,000 requests, meaning about 9000 faxes have been eliminated. 
    • The system is multi- site (deployed at Mt Zion and Parnassus) and multi user (any user with web access can use the tool).
    • Approximately 40 hours of design and programming was involved to create the tool, and about 80 hours of non-technical staff was required to handle the remaining tasks.
  • The technology utilized in the project.
    • Cloud computing technology was used in this project.  Zoho Creator is the platform under which the application was developed, and within the application, ‘email’ functionality is used in order to route work orders to the various locations. 
  • The timeframe of implementation
    • In ~July 2010, the team was convened.
    • In Oct, 2010, the application went live
    • As of March 2011, 9,000 orders have been submitted through the system
  • Objective customer satisfaction data
    • 9,000 faxes eliminated
      • Assuming 2 minutes of labor is saved for every order, 300 hours of labor have been ‘freed’ up for more important purposes.  Assuming $50 / hour of labor, $15,000 of labor ‘saved’.
    • Ultra low cost (~$1 / day) for Zoho system subscription.
    • Historical ordering data is available, and has already been ‘mined’ in order to make necessary adjustments to stock levels.
    • The exact date and time of each order is tracked within the system.

Alfio Levy
Project Manager
Operations Improvement Dept
Tel: (415) 830-3362