Frequently asked questions

What is a Sautter award?
The Sautter award honors innovative IT projects implemented at the University of California. It is given to projects, not to individuals.

Is there an advantage to submitting applications prior to the deadline?
The selection committee receives all applications at once after the deadline has passed. There is no advantage to submitting an application especially early.

Is there a monetary award?
Golden and Silver Awards receive plaques, and honorable mentions receive certificates. There is no monetary award at this time.

Do projects have to have gone live within the last three years?
Projects must have been deployed within the last three years. In other words, they shouldn’t be old projects – deployed more than three years ago – and they aren’t eligible if they haven’t launched by the time the application is submitted.

Is there a difference between applying for an award and applying to present at the UCTech Conference?
These are separate submissions and you can apply to just one or both. Sautter awards are announced at the UCTech Conference.

How should applicants demonstrate that a project is successful?
The application calls for “objective customer satisfaction criteria.” This can be anything that the applicant considers relevant to the project: customer comments, usage data, survey results, cost analyses, etc.

Can I submit an application if I used an outside developer?
Yes, as long as you clearly describe the UC contribution and “innovation.”

Who is on the selection committee?
Members of the UC IT Leadership Council. Names of the committee members are posted on the website after applicants have been informed of the outcome and before the awards are announced at the UCTech Conference.