UC Davis Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation System

The UC Davis vulnerability scanning system provides a comprehensive automated system to protect the security of campus computing systems and the performance and availability of the campus computing network. The UC Davis vulnerability system uses a defense in depth architecture and thus is capable of using multiple approaches to promote computer vulnerability reduction and suppress worm infections. The vulnerability scanning system combines the effective use of technology with friendly security education for end-users and campus unit technical specialists for local incident analysis and remediation. The vulnerability scanning system is a campuswide tool for reducing computing security threats and is administered with the collaboration and acceptance of staff, faculty and students.

The UC Davis vulnerability scanning system offers a scalable, portable, and readily implementable solution to other UC campuses. The same technology and approach could be deployed by other UC campuses as either a single scanning program or over time, on an individual component basis. The UC Davis vulnerability scanning system can serve as a model for other University of California campuses and other institutions for applying information technology to protect university electronic information and support the higher education mission of education, research, and public service.

For technical information, please contact Robert Ono, IT Security Coordinator, UC Davis, 530-757-5795.