UC IT innovate

Universities may work by 1000 flowers blooming, but great organizations are able to take innovations to scale.

UC IT innovate is a program – or change platform – that identifies the “blooming flowers” within UC IT and coaches teams on taking their services to scale. Launched in 2015 by UC CIO Tom Andriola, in partnership with key campus staff, the program seeks several unique services each year with the potential to be offered to other UC locations, universities, or external organizations.

Through a semi-structured, repeatable process, the program provides intensive coaching in developing a business case, refining the service, and seeking sponsors and customers, whether internal or external to UC. Some services may ultimately be candidates for commercialization.

A number of successful IT services are being tracked through the change platform and have been developed and expanded into shared service offerings and commercial services to outside customers.

UC IT teams interested in getting more information about the program and exploring whether their service might qualify should read the program overview (pdf) and contact CIO Andriola.