UC campuses with enrolled students have created campus-specific policies that define acceptable use of the University's electronic resources. In addition, a number of campuses have compiled guides and other resources to educate users about rights and responsibilities associated with use of the Internet and electronic media.

Message from the CIO: Online Music, Entertainment, and Software Copyright Issues (10/14/04)
Acceptable Use Policy for the Residential Network
Copyright Resources
Internet Etiquette: " Be Smart" and Legal Music Services
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Acceptable Use Policy
Residential Network - Some legal sources of entertainment
DMCA - Policy and Procedure Manual section 250-05
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Copyright Policy Resources
Understanding Copyright Policy at UCI: Note to Students
Residential Network Services Computer Use Policy
Copyright Guidelines: Intellectual Property Rights and Fair Use Rules of Thumb
Legal Music, Office of Vice Chancellor Student Affairs

Los Angeles
File Sharing and Copyright Infringement (October 8, 2003)
Get Legal - the way to get entertainment

File Sharing and DMCA Policies (May 20, 2003)
UCLA Student Technology Policies
CTS Acceptable Use Policy for Bruin OnLine
Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation
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Acceptable Use Policy
Information about Illegal Filesharing

Understanding the DMCA
Student Computing Services Policies
Welcome to Legal2Share
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San Diego
Acceptable Use Policy for the Residential Network
Copyright Information for the Residence Hall Network (click on "File Sharing ")
Acceptable Use Policy for Academic Computing Services
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Information on P2P File Sharing
UCSD Plan for Combating Illegal File Sharing

San Francisco
Campus Code of Conduct
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Santa Barbara
Acceptable Use Policy for the Residential Network
DMCA in the Residential Network
ResNet Frequently Asked Questions
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Santa Cruz
Acceptable Use Policy
Copyright Education
Filesharing and Copyright
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Washington Center
Personal Computing Tips