Policy initiatives and projects

IMPAC provides support to the President and senior leadership on high-priority policy initiatives and projects. Additionally, IMPAC manages the analysis needs and coordinates responses to external inquiries from government officials and agencies regarding UC policy issues. The department works to ensure that inquiries and issues that do not fall into a single divisional responsibility area are identified, coordinated and elevated as appropriate.

Efforts include:

  • Support for systemwide initiatives:
    • IMPAC launched the Campus Administrative Relief Initiative (pdf), a systemwide effort to identify opportunities for administrative relief that fall into four broad categories: Legislative, State Policy, UC Policy and UC process. The 40 initiatives collected from campuses cover a broad array of topics from HR, payroll, procurement and risk management. This effort is ongoing and part of the Working Smarter (pdf) initiative launched by UCOP in 2010.
    • IMPAC provided primary staff support to the UC Commission on the Future, including developing and preparing meeting materials and synthesizing and articulating the Commission's final recommendations (pdf).
  • Preparation of policy briefing materials for internal and external audiences. Examples include: developing briefing materials to orient ex officio new Regents who are elected officials; assisting new Regents in preparing for State Senate confirmation hearings; and drafting testimony given by UC representatives at legislative hearings.
  • Responding to inquiries from the legislature, the Governor's Office, and other external entities regarding systemwide policies, programs, and other activities.