State legislation

IMPAC staff review, analyze, and develop the University's position on state legislation in close consultation and coordination with divisional subject matter experts in Business Operations, Academic Affairs, Finance, and Agriculture and Natural Resources, in addition to leadership within the Secretary and Chief of Staff to The Regents, the Academic Senate, Health Sciences and Services, and campuses as needed. In an effort to provide well-reasoned, supportable, cogent, and effective responses and positions on legislation in a consistent, accurate, and timely manner, IMPAC:

  • Coordinates the review of legislation that affects more than one UCOP division
  • Authors position recommendations, position letters, and other advocacy materials such as Fact Sheets for bills that have a significant impact on the University
  • Develops language to amend legislation, as needed, to address the University's concerns and needs
  • Develops cost analyses and estimates for fiscal impacts
  • Coordinates with the Office of General Counsel
  • Tracks the status of legislation and informs subject matter experts of amendments and bill outcomes

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