Systemwide HR Strategy & Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) provides strategic guidance to systemwide and location-based leadership related to legal and policy obligations, workforce planning, and equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging initiatives and best practices.

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HR Strategy & Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Leadership

Marie-Ann Hairston

Interim Associate VP Systemwide HR Strategy & EDIB

Phone: (510) 987-0606


Teresa Jackson

Systemwide HR Strategy & EDIB Coordinator

Phone: (510) 587-6330


HR Policy

Learn more about Systemwide HR Policy

Developing and interpreting personnel policies and other employment-related programs, guidelines and procedures for staff employees

Employee Referral Program (pdf)

Supporting recruitment of top talent for difficult to fill and other designated positions

Policy creation and review process

Flowchart detailing the policy creation and review process

HR Policies and Policy Owners

Find links and contacts for HR policies

Box Cloud

Resources for Systemwide HR Policy Coordinators

PPSM Policies

Policy resources

SMG Policies

Policy resources

Abby Norris

Policy Specialist

Phone: (510) 987-0612


Olga Zundel

Policy Specialist

Phone: (510) 987-9546


Aafia Ali Khan

Policy Specialist

Phone: (510) 987-0549