Systemwide Talent Management eCourses

As part of the University's mission to provide public service and advance knowledge, Systemwide Talent Management has made select eCourses available to the general public.

If you are a University of California employee seeking to fulfill a training requirement, pursue a certificate, or otherwise receive credit for having completed one of these courses, it is critical that you instead access and take the course through your local UC Learning Center.

Managing Implicit Bias Series

The UC Managing Implicit Bias Series is a six-course online training series designed to increase awareness of implicit bias and reduce its impact. Each course is 15 to 20 minutes in length, and it is recommended that you complete them in their prescribed order.

Reminder to UC employees: instead of using the links below, please complete these courses within your local UC Learning Center so you can receive credit, complete the UC Systemwide HR Managing Implicit Bias Certificate, and complete the corresponding portion of the UC Systemwide People Management Series and Certificate.

Course Content Summary
1. What is Implicit Bias? Understand how the brain uses shortcuts and schema to process stimuli. Learn how attitudes, stereotypes and biases form. Differentiate between explicit and implicit biases.
2. The Impact of Implicit Bias Explore ways in which implicit bias can influence our actions and how that influence can have unwanted, real-world repercussions.
3. Managing the Influence of Implicit Bias: Awareness Assessing your implicit biases is the first step in managing their influence. Recognize situations wherein you are more prone to the influence of bias. Recognize external factors that make you more prone to the influence of bias. Evaluate whether you are being influenced by bias.
4. Common Forms of Bias Understand common forms of bias so you can better detect when they occur.
5. Managing the Influence of Implicit Bias: Mindfulness and Conscious De-Biasing Learn ways to minimize the influence of implicit bias through mindfulness and conscious de-biasing strategies.
6. Managing Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process Examine how de-biasing strategies can be applied to a specific workplace process. Design and implement procedures and structures that protect against the influence of bias during hiring, such as utilizing diverse search networks and hiring committees, tracking demographics at each stage, blinding resumes, crafting appropriate candidate evaluations and more.