Business Transactions

The Business Transactions Group provides business transactions advice and support to the Office of the President, campuses, medical centers, and national laboratories. The group advises on business and corporate structures; competitive bidding; complex business, finance, and energy projects; commercialization efforts; venture capital investments and international initiatives. The group also advises on non-profit organizations, charitable giving and tax matters.

Group Members:
Geoffrey Gibbs, Deputy General Counsel
Larry Adkison, Senior Counsel
Anagha Clifford, Senior Counsel
Fatima Evans, Senior Counsel
Andrew Houston, Counsel
Nima Katz, Senior Counsel
Bart Lounsbury, Senior Counsel
Yakeen Qawasmeh, Senior Counsel
Thomas Schroeder, Senior Counsel
Mark Wilson, Senior Counsel

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Charitable Giving and Nonprofit Organizations

The Charitable Giving and Nonprofit Organizations Group supports Institutional Advancement at the Office of the President and development offices on all ten campuses to help increase private support for the university's teaching, research, and public service mission. The group handles all estate and trust matters in which donors named the UC Regents as a beneficiary of their estate plans, and provides legal support for planned gifts such as charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, and pooled income funds. The group also provides counsel on permissible uses of restricted funds and provides nonprofit tax and corporate work to support the university's auxiliary nonprofit organizations which reduces the legal costs which they might otherwise incur.

Group Members:
Fatima Evans, Senior Counsel
Thomas C. Schroeder, Counsel

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The Construction Group provides construction-related legal services to UC's multi-billion dollar annual construction program on the campuses and medical centers. The group's transactional work includes working with clients to develop strategic policies, contracts, and procedures (including competitive bidding) for the university's numerous construction projects. Much of the group's work involves analyzing and resolving disputes with architects, contractors, and surety bond companies. The group also provides legal support in proposing and opposing legislation affecting the university's construction program.

Group Members:
Holly Ackley St. John, Managing Counsel
John Bevan, Senior Counsel
Mark Meredith, Senior Counsel

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Educational Affairs

The Educational Affairs Group advises and counsels campuses and the Office of the President on a wide variety of issues involving students, faculty, and academic life, such as admissions, fees, financial aid, housing, student conduct, research compliance, conflicts of interest, governance, faculty, and Academic Senate matters.

Attorneys in the group serve as the general legal advisers for UC Merced, the Division of Agricultural and Natural Resources, and for Privilege and Tenure Committees throughout the system.

Group Members:
Katina Ancar, Senior Counsel
Ellen Auriti, Senior Counsel
Steve Drown, Senior Counsel
Nancy Hamill, Senior Counsel
Cynthia Vroom, Senior Counsel
Elisabeth Yap, Senior Counsel

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Employment & Legislative Affairs

The Employment & Legislative Affairs Group advises the 10 campuses, the Office of the President, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on a full range of employment, labor, benefits, and legislative affair matters affecting the university's 160,000 person workforce.

Group Members:
Allison Woodall, Deputy General Counsel
Luis Blanco, Senior Counsel
Jennifer Chin, Senior Counsel 
Andrew Huntington, Senior Counsel
Martha Kim, Senior Counsel
Stephanie Leider, Senior Counsel
Trina Mastro, Senior Counsel
Shondella Reed, Senior Counsel

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Health Affairs

The Health Affairs Group supports the medical centers, medical schools and faculty practice plans operated by the University of California. The group also supports the following units of the Office of the President: the Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Audit Services; the Office of Health Sciences and Services; and the Office of Research Policy. Attorneys in the group provide advice on a complex array of federal and state laws governing the furnishing of clinical care, billing for clinical services, the conduct of health science research, and the structuring of health care transactions.

Group Members:
Rachel Nosowsky, Deputy General Counsel
Jane Boubelik, Chief Health Sciences Counsel, UCLA
Tamala Choma, Senior Counsel, UC Riverside
George Choriatis, Health Sciences Counsel
Margia Corner, Principal Counsel
Shari Faris, Senior Counsel, UCLA Health System
Daniel Gerber, Principal Counsel
Kim Gillespie, Chief Campus, UCSD
Lila Hayatdavoudi, Counsel
Hillary Kalay, Counsel
Colin Leary, Senior Campus Counsel, Health Affairs
David Levine, Health System Counsel, UCD
Rowena Manlapaz, Principal Counsel
Anna Orlowski, Chief Health Sciences Counsel, UC Davis
Peter Schneider, Chief Health Sciences Counsel, UC Irvine
Ann Sparkman, Deputy Campus Counsel for Health Affairs, UCSF
Sarah Suskauer, Associate Counsel, UCSD
Hoyt Sze, Principal Counsel
Emily Wee, Senior Counsel, UCLA Health System

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Intellectual Property & Innovation

The Intellectual Property & Innovation Group advises the university on a full range of patent, copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property matters, including intellectual property-related collaborations, transactions, policy, consultations, and dispute resolution.

Group Members:
Marty Simpson, Managing Counsel
Nancy Chu, Senior Counsel
Rita Hao, Senior Counsel 
Angus MacDonald, Senior Counsel

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Laboratory Affairs

The university is responsible for the management of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory under a management and operations contract with the Department of Energy. The university also participates as a major partner in the limited liability companies established for the management of the Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories under contracts with the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration. The Office of the General Counsel provides support in coordination with laboratory counsel for the national laboratories.

Group Members:
Bart Lounsbury, Senior Counsel

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Land Use and Environment Health & Safety

The Land Use and Environmental Health and Safety Group works with the Office of the President, the ten campuses, associated Natural Reserve System holdings, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to provide legal advice and support for environmental and land use review of campus construction and real estate projects, and environmental health and safety matters.

Group Members:
Kelly Drumm, Special Counsel
Anagha Clifford, Senior Counsel
Bart Lounsbury, Senior Counsel

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The Litigation Group represents the university and oversees outside counsel in a broad range of adversarial proceedings, including writs, internal administrative hearings, depositions, and trials. The Litigation Group also works in cooperation with the Intellectual Property, Business Transactions, and Land Use Groups on patent, construction, and environmental cases.

Group Members:
Margaret Wu, Deputy General Counsel
Norman Hamill, Managing Counsel
Harpreet Chahal, Senior Counsel
Komal Chokshi
, Senior Counsel
Nicole Craig, Senior Counsel
Fatima Evans, Senior Counsel
Michael Goldstein, Senior Counsel
Rhonda S. Goldstein, Senior Counsel
Donald Margolis, Senior Counsel
Ben Minkow, Senior Counsel
Sonya Sanchez, Senior Counsel
Valerie Shelton, Senior Counsel 

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Public Accountability and Governance

The Public Accountability and Governance Group's primary practice areas are public accountability laws (Public Records Act and conflict of interest laws); governance (Open Meeting laws, delegation of authority, parliamentary issues, and review and interpretation of Regents items); and privacy (FERPA and the Information Practices Act).  The Regents is a major client of the group, as well as the Office of the President and the campuses.

Group Members:
Maria Shanle, Lead Counsel
Mark Morodomi, Senior Counsel
Stella Ngai, Senior Counsel

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Real Estate

The Real Estate group provides legal advice and assistance to campuses and the Office of the President on a wide variety of real estate transactions. The group negotiates and drafts major commercial leases, acquisition agreements, and ground leases. On many transactions, the group does not retain outside counsel but instead uses in-house legal expertise to provide cost-efficient service to the university's clients.

Group Members:
Scott Abrams, Senior Counsel
Liana C. Epperson, Senior Counsel
Janet Norris, Senior Counsel

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