Mission, vision and values

is what we do:

The mission of the CFO Division is to provide leadership, operational oversight and system coordination of financial products and services for the UC community. We add value with accurate, insightful and timely information, analysis and solutions that promote informed decision-making.

is the future we want to create:

The vision of the CFO Division is to be known as a model for organizational efficiency and effectiveness that leverages:

  1. Integration of risk considerations to enhance decision-making processes and operations;
  2. Benchmarking to improve accountability, transparency and performance; and
  3. Professional expertise to deliver service and results on behalf of our customers.

are the guardrails that keep us on track:

  1. Effective Fiscal Stewardship
    Associated behaviors:
    • Accuracy
    • Expertise
    • Rigorous Analytical Thinking
  2. Customer Service
    Associated Behaviors:
    • Speed
    • Professionalism
    • Problem Solving
  3. Continuous Improvement
    Associated Behaviors:
    • Questioning the Status Quo
    • Innovation
    • Staff Development