UC Research: Pioneering the Clean Energy Future

Join University of California experts for a briefing on current research, operations and tech startup stewardship that make UC a living laboratory for clean energy solutions.

Tuesday, May 24
2:30 PM
421 Cannon HOB
Please RSVP by May 23 to UCBriefings@UCDC.edu


  • Rachael Nava, executive vice president-chief operating officer, University of California, will discuss the University’s clean energy commitments across the research enterprise and campus operations.


  • Ruihong Zhang, professor, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UC Davis, will discuss her own real-world success story of building a working anaerobic digester, which is turning food and agricultural waste into electricity for the UC Davis campus.
  • Wendell Brase, vice chancellor, administrative and business services, UC Irvine, will discuss UC’s on-going efforts to leverage research to revitalize campus energy infrastructure in order to achieve deeper energy efficiencies.
  • Sebastien Lounis, co-founder, Cyclotron Road, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, will discuss his experience launching the early-stage energy technology incubator Cyclotron Road and its role in assisting entrepreneurs in finding support beyond the research lab to develop their technologies.


Refreshments will be provided at this widely attended public event. This is part of an ongoing series of briefings hosted by the University of California’s Office of Federal Governmental Relations. For inquiries about this briefing, please contact Nicole Carlotto at Nicole.Carlotto@ucdc.edu or 202-974-6325.