Purchased Utility Database

A systemwide program to process and track utility bills

The university uses software called EnergyCAP to track utility use and expenses. The software was purchased in 2009 and contains historical utility billing data from 2008-2011. The university is currently in a campus implementation phase to enter, audit and pay live bills and to distribute usage and costs to campus buildings and accounts.

San Francisco and Davis are now using EnergyCAP to pay utility bills (where available electronically via EDI). Riverside and San Francisco Medical Center enter live utility bills to track utility costs and consumption and allocate campus recharges. Merced and San Diego are in the final stages of implementation (Estimated completion July 2014). Berkeley, Irvine, Irvine Medical Center, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz are in various stages of implementation. All are expected to complete implementation by December 2014.

Three campus/medical centers have not begun implementation (Los Angeles Campus, Davis Medical Center, San Diego Medical Center). EnergyCAP purchased utility data is now in the process of being updated using data supplied by the University's utility suppliers.

The Purchased Utility Database is a Working Smarter initiative.