Process for Policy Review and Rescission

The Policy Owner is responsible for conducting a comprehensive review of their policies at a minimum of every 5 years or as required to stay current with applicable laws and/or Regents Policies.

The purpose of the review is to determine:

            1. if the policy is still necessary and accurate;

            2. if the policy should be combined with another policy or if it should be rescinded;

            3. if the policy is up to date with current laws and regulations and Regents policies;

            4. if changes are required to improve the effectiveness or clarity of the policy;

Process for Reviewing a Presidential Policy (Graphical overview of the process for new and existing policies)

1. Once the Policy Owner identifies a policy in need of review, the Policy Owner submits a Policy Action Form to the Universitywide Policy Office (UPO) via the Policy Owner Dashboard outlining the need for a review. Policy Actions are submitted to the Policy Advisory Committee for review and approval. Once approved, the UPO will provide the Policy Template to the Policy Owner.  

2. The Policy Owner will review the policy in consultation with their stakeholders and subject matter experts, and will develop a draft update.

3. Once the Policy draft has been finalized, the Policy Owner must submit it for review and comment, as required, by the Academic Senate, Student Senate, and staff as required by Regents policies and bargaining agreements. 

4. At the conclusion of the review periods, the Policy Owner submits the Policy and Policy memorandum to the UPO. The UPO will facilitate the review through the Policy Advisory Committee, the Policy Steering Committee and Presidential Review.

5. Once the Policy has been approved, the UPO will submit the Policy to the President for Issuance. 

6. The UPO will post the Issued policy on the Policy Website, disseminate the Issued Policy to all named parties in the Issuance Letter, the campus policy managers, and the Policy Owner. It is the responsibility of the Policy Owner to distribute the Issuance and policy to their stakeholders and other interested parties.

Process for Rescinding a Presidential Policy

The rescission of a Presidential Policy occurs when an active policy is obsolete or has been combined with another policy, which makes it more effective. Rescissions follow a similar process as a comprehensive review, with the difference that at the conclusion of the review, the policy presented to the Policy Advisory Committee for rescission.

Once the comprehensive review has been completed, and the consultation process has concluded, the Policy Owner will submit the policy to the UPO for addition on the next PAC agenda. The Policy Owner will provide a Policy memorandum outlining the consultation and review/comment process and the reasoning for the rescission.

If the Policy Advisory Committee and the Policy Steering Committee approve the policy for rescission, the Policy will then be posted online by the UPO for a 30-day public comment period. All comments are forwarded to the Policy Owner for consideration. At the conclusion of the comment period, the policy will be rescinded by the UPO and the Policy Owner will be notified of the rescission.