Policy development Guidelines

There are a number of stages involved in the formulation of new policy or the major revision of an existing policy. The process was developed in consultation with stakeholders and a wide range of departments throughout the Office of the President as well as outside Policy consultants. The Presidential Policy Development and Review Process is designed to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders and UCOP departments, as well as provide a Policy Owners with assistance throughout the Policy development process. 

Presidential Policies are intended to be high-level, and provide the over-arching systemwide authority on a topic. Unless otherwise noted within the policy, campus policies and procedures may be more restrictive, where necessary, but cannot be more permissive than Presidential policies. 

Below, Policy Owners can find a quick guide on the policy development process or view a graphical overview. For a more detailed analysis, please consult the Policy Development Guidelines and the resources available on the Policy Owner Dashboard.

Creating a New Presidential Policy

1. Submit a Policy Action to the Universitywide Policy Office (UPO) from the Policy Owner Dashboard outlining the need for a new Presidential Policy. Policy Actions are submitted to the Policy Advisory Committee for review and approval. Once Approved, the Universitywide Policy Office (UPO) will issue the Policy Template to the Policy Owner. 

2. Draft Policy in consultation with stakeholders and review committees. The Policy Owner is responsible for coordination of the draft process between stakeholders, reviewers and subject matter experts. The UPO provides a number of tools to assist with policy development which are available in the Policy Owner Toolbox and through the Policy Owner Dashboard.

3. Once the Policy has been drafted, the Policy Owner must submit it for review, to the Academic Senate, Student Senate, and Unions as required by Regents policies and union contracts. The Policy will also be submitted to the Policy Advisory Committee for review at the same time.

4. At the conclusion of the review periods, the Policy Owner submits the Policy and Policy memorandum to the UPO. The UPO will facilitate the review through the Policy Advisory Committee, the Policy Steering Committee and Presidential Review.

5. Once the Policy has been approved, the UPO will submit the Policy to the President for Issuance. 

6. The UPO will post the Issued Policy on the Policy Website, disseminate the Issued Policy to all named parties in the Issuance Letter, the campus policy managers, and the Policy Owner. It is the responsibility of the Policy Owner to distribute the Issuance and Policy to their stakeholders and other interested parties.