Hosting foreign visitors

The University of California is a registered exporter with the Department of State and has an obligation to comply with U.S. export and sanctions regulations (22 CFR 120-130, 15 CFR 300-799, 31 CFR 500-599). 

Visa petitions may require The University of California to certify to the federal government that it has reviewed applicable export regulations and determined whether or not an export license will be required for the foreign national’s visit. Violations of these regulations are punishable by civil and/or criminal fines/punishments. To meet these compliance requirements, ECAS has made available various screening tools including Visual Compliance and WorldCheck to that University personnel may screen their foreign visitors to for export and sanctions regulation compliance and affiliation with restricted parties or embargoed organizations. 

International visitors requiring an export review could include tenured faculty, research faculty, technicians, post-doctoral candidates, students, student interns, business visitors or other faculty and staff categories.

Best practices

The resume/curriculum vitae is necessary to verify the background of the international visitor and confirm there is no affiliation with restricted parties or embargoed organizations.

The export review should be completed prior to issuing any engagement.  The results of the export review may be that an export license or other government authorization is required.  The decision to seek any such license is subject to discussions with the local export control officer and the Vice Chancellor of Research.

ECAS  will be happy to assist you in completing this review process.  

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