Campus Institutional Review Board Directors

UC Berkeley Rebecca Armstrong, Director, Office for the Protection of Human Subjects
UC Davis and Systemwide Agriculture & Natural Resources Cynthia Gates, Director, IRB Administration, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
UC Irvine Karen Allen, Executive Director, Research Protections
UCLA Kip Kantelo, Director, Office for Human Research Protection Program
UC Merced Deborah Motton, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research
UC Riverside Dario Kuzmanovic, Director, Research Integrity
UC San Diego Anthony Magit, Director, Human Research Protections Program
UC San Francisco Christopher Ryan, Director, Human Research Protection Program
UC Santa Barbara Brandt Burgess, Research Integrity Director
UC Santa Cruz Tani PrestageInterim Director of the Office of Research Compliance Administration 
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Christine Byrne, Lead Compliance Specialist, Human and Animal Regulatory Committees Office