LHAT and PPE Marketing Kit

The following materials have been created to support the launch of the Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) on November 1, 2013, as well as for the campus Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Distribution Events.

A description of the links below are outlined in document "0", along with instructions regarding the personalization of these materials. Each campus can decide to use all of these documents or a portion, depending on their specific needs.

0.  LHAT and PPE Marketing Kit - Read First

1.  LHAT/PPE Distribution Graphics

LHAT 5-Steps Informational Flyer
PPE Logo(s)

2.  LHAT Suggested Text for a Campus Webpage

•  User Access Information
•  EH&S Access Information

3.  LHAT/PPE Suggested Promotional Text-Short

4.  LHAT/PPE Promotional Email

5.  PPE Media Support

•  Press Release
•  Sample Ad

6.  LHAT/PPE Informational Print Media

•  4 8.5x11 Flyers (can be printed in B&W or color)
•  5 22X28 Posters
•  Custom Request Form


8.  LHAT User Guide-Videos available in LHAT "Help" Section and here:

9.  PPE Event Suggested Social Media

10. LHAT/PPE Videos

•  Training Video: Outfitting for Safety (embedded in LHAT)
•  Stay Protected
•  Splash Zone

11. Eventbrite Links 

UCLA            ucla-ppe.eventbrite.com
UC Berkeley ucb-ppe.eventbrite.com
UC Davis Medical Center ucdmc-ppe.eventbrite.com
UC Davis ucd-ppe.eventbrite.com
UC Irvine uci-ppe.eventbrite.com
UC Merced ucm-ppe.eventbrite.com
UC Riverside ucr-ppe.eventbrite.com
UC San Francisco ucsf-ppe.eventbrite.com
     UC San Francisco - Mission Bay ucsfmb-ppe.eventbrite.com
     UC San Francisco - Parnassus ucsfp-ppe.eventbrite.com
UC Santa Barbara ucsb-ppe.eventbrite.com
UC Santa Cruz ucsc-ppe.eventbrite.com

If you have any questions, please email Tawny LaBarbera at tlabarbera@ucdavis.edu.