Working safely in the laboratory requires more than just knowledge of hazardous material safety.  Laboratory work presents multiple ergonomic challenges.

Laboratory Ergonomics Training

A comprehensive training was developed to introduce you to the ergonomics risk factors in the laboratory, basic ergonomic principles and their application to the laboratory setting and the resources available to you.

The training can be found on UC Learning Center.

Laboratory Ergonomic Self Evaluation

Laboratory Ergonomic Self Evaluation (pdf)

This self evaluation will assist you to evaluate your work station and working postures.  Discuss the results with your supervisor to find ways to mitigate the risks.  Note:  a copy of your self evaluation will be required to participate in the Fund Reimbursement Programs and to request an individual evaluation.

Laboratory Ergonomic Equipment

There is a plethora of ergonomic equipment claiming to improve work environments.  To assist you with your selection, a group of laboratory ergonomics equipment has been evaluated for you. 

Computers in the Laboratory Environment

Although prevalent in the laboratory environment, computers and laptops often appear to be an afterthought based on their non-ergonomic set up.  The Office Ergonomic Training is applicable to all computer users.  Apply these office ergonomic guidelines to your computer set up in the laboratory environment.  The training can be found on UC Learning Center

Review the office ergonomic preferred product list to assist you with equipment selection related to your computer set up.

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