This section is a central resource for miscellaneous tools and templates. Examples include sample strategic plans, risk assessments, risk ranking tools, and an ERM assessment case study.

There are various types of risk assessment activities that are regularly conducted throughout organizations. Your ERM group should become familiar with and support the various assessments conducted and use the results of these assessments in developing and maturing their ERM Program.

Your ERM group may want to consider identifying risk assessments that have already been completed and then work with the key owner's for the risk to develop and assist with improving the control activities, information and communication and monitoring (in other words, fill in the rest of the COSO model).

Risk Assessment Toolbox

The UCOP Office of Risk Services (OPRS) offers several Excel-based tools intended to support the risk assessment process at each of the UC locations.

New initiative risk review workbook

Helps you consider the strategic, financial, operational, compliance, reporting, and reputational risks associated with a new initiative or project.

Unit risk workbook

Helps you consider the factors affecting the risks faced by your Campus or Medical Center location. It will help you compare the benefits and risks of each option so you can make informed decisions.

Library collections risk model

Workbook to help minimize risks of collection loss and maximize return on UC's investment in information assets.

Risk Assessment Tools FAQs

Find answers to FAQs about the various tools and how to choose the one that's right for you.