ERMIS and web-based surveys

The University has included the use of web-based survey tools as a part of the UC Enterprise Risk Management Information System (ERMIS). As a result, a variety of web-based survey tools can be used to create and publish risk related surveys and report on the results using the Cognos component of ERMIS.

This site provides a four-step process for preparing the results of your survey for Cognos reporting. Two commonly used web-based survey tools, SurveyMonkey® and QuestionPro®, are used as examples to illustrate this four-step process. While QuestionPro® offers more features and advanced conditional logic than SurveyMonkey®, both survey tools are easy to use and have the ability to download survey results to an ERMIS-ready format needed for Cognos reporting. As such, links to these surveys are provided below, in case you would like to use one or the other for your next survey. However, any web-based survey of your choice can be used to create and publish risk related surveys as long as the completed survey results can be downloaded to a format that is acceptable for importing to the ERMIS data warehouse.

Acceptable ERMIS-ready file formats are:

  • dBase database (.dbf)
  • Microsoft Access Database (.mdb)
  • Comma Separate Value (.csv), in a CSV format suitable for importing into a database

DBF and MDB file formats are preferred, because they are true database file formats and can be imported into the ERMIS data warehouse without requiring manual reformatting, as CSV files can require. A CSV file may take more time and effort to import into the ERMIS data warehouse, if it requires manual reformatting into a database table format.

Access web-based surveys

To access either SurveyMonkey® or QuestionPro®, click the appropriate link below and you will be directed to the respective survey website. Follow the website's instructions to open an account and obtain a user login. Then proceed to the section below to prepare the survey for Cognos reporting.

SurveyMonkey Icon     QuestionPro Icon

Both SurveyMonkey® and QuestionPro® offer free accounts with basic features. However, SurveyMonkey® requires a user to hold at least the "Monthly Pro" paid account in order to download survey responses, which is required to complete the four-step process. Acquire a subscription in accordance with UC policies and procedures. QuestionPro® does not require a paid account in order to download responses.

For additional information, or to obtain a user name and password for the Enterprise Risk Management Information system, please email ERM.

Preparing your survey results for reporting to Cognos